20 Oct 2016


To Do: Weekend of October 19th-22nd

2016 continues to depress us: The various beloved celebrity deaths. The soul-sucking, never-ending, national degradation of an election. The Nats. But this weather is really pushing me over the edge, for I am not okay with wearing sundresses and flip-flops in October. Armageddon can’t be far off now. Until then, how shall we ignore the inevitable? […]

19 Oct 2016

Local Politics:

2016 Lazy Voter’s Guide

I’ll be honest: It’s not critical that you vote this year. If you were gonna take a year off, here is your chance. There’s not the slightest bit of mystery for the results of any of these races. However, democracy is as much about process as is it about results. So, suck it up; do your duty; go […]

19 Oct 2016


Updates from 6B04

The following is an update from ANC6B04 commissioner Kirsten Oldenburg. While it focuses more on her SMD, all Capitol Hill residents may find something of interest in her report. Are you an ANC commissioner who shares his or her updates with your constituents? Drop us a line at thehillishome@gmail.com and we’ll share yours! HINE CRANE REMOVAL One of […]

18 Oct 2016

Sponsored Post:

Pet-Wise: Your dog’s mind is simpler than you think

By Bonny King-Taylor, the doggy lama, pet coach This is one of my favorite topics when dealing with folks who are confused about why their dogs are behaving in certain ways. I tell people all the time that the canine brain works pretty much the opposite of the primate mind. Truly, the fact that dogs […]

18 Oct 2016


Hill Buzz

District Winery Popping Up, Parcel O Digging Down (JDLand) Labyrinth Games and Puzzles on Pennsylvania Ave SE Expands (Capitol Hill Corner) Maketto & Bidwell Get Michelin Nod, Crummell’s Future, & Big Plans on Florida Ave (Frozen Tropics) Chipotle Confirmed, Coming to F1rst in 2017 (JDLand)

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