18 Jun 2015

Things We Take For Granted:

Stella the Dog is Back: Capitol Hill is Awesome

Flyer of Stella the Dog.

Flyer of Stella the Dog. Screengrab from Twitter.

Perhaps you saw our Tweet about it, or our Facebook post, or perhaps you saw the MOTH post, or you got it delivered to your inbox within the daily digest. Or you caught one of 19 retweets or shares. Or maybe you were just walking around the Stanton Park area and saw the flyer. Stella, a labradoodle, was lost.

Like Stella, many dogs –and a few adventuresome cats– are lost on a regular basis around our neighborhood. In the particular case of Stella, she was a rescue dog: nervous and skittish, the dog came from an abusive environment. When she found herself in a stressful situation, she took off and would not come back. Stella’s owner Tish tells me that after receiving encouragement and tips from Capitol Hill residents as far as a mile and a half away from her own home, she finally was reunited with Stella last Thursday evening. Tish would like everyone who helped, called or connected with her to make sure Stella was returned to know they are both very grateful.

This is not a rare story in our large yet so-small neighborhood: a small village of caring individuals who may or may not know the anguish and pain of losing a beloved pet, but who take time out of their day to retweet and share a post. People who take the time to call and connect with others and make sure that a scared little dog makes her way back home. This is one of the many, many reasons why Capitol Hill –our Capitol Hill of caring neighbors who use social media AND the telephone– is home.
Let’s never take it for granted.

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