28 Jan 2015


Where To Wash Your Dog on The Hill

Shake, shake, shake

Photo by Mike Allyn on Flickr

I adopted my dog last summer, when it was easy to use a garden hose in the backyard to clean him off. Then the cold temperatures settled in. After an attempt at bathing him in my bathtub, and  spending an hour cleaning all the dog hair off the walls and tub, I swore to never go that route again. Maybe a smaller dog would have been more manageable, but my 55-lb boy was not amused and made one hell of a mess.

So I took a look at all of the other options around the Hill. I’m focusing just on self-serve dog washes since I’d rather save a few bucks to do it myself. If you have any preferences on full grooming services on the Hill, please feel free to leave it in the comments!

Howl to The Chief: For $10 you get an individual bathing room with a stainless-steel tub, apron, dryer and towel. Shampoo is available for purchase or you may bring your own. Located at 733 8th Street SE.

Unleashed by PetcoThis new addition to the neighborhood recently opened at the Boilermaker Shops by Yards Park. For $10 you get a stainless-steel tub, shampoo, conditioner, towels and aprons. Located at 300 Tingey Street SE.

Bonnie’s Dog and Cat GroomingBonnie’s self-serve dog wash is $18 for a tub, shampoo, towels, dryers, apron and ear cleaner, cotton balls, Q-tips, brushes, combs and nail trimmer. Located at 1364 E Street SE

Do you know of one I missed? Let me know in the comments.

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