09 Oct 2012

Meet the Candidates: Martin Moulton, ANC 6E02

We have offered to post brief statements from all of the ANC candidates running for seats on Capitol Hill and the surrounding neighborhoods that we cover here on The Hill is Home.  These statements are not endorsements and have been posted exactly as submitted by the candidates.

Martin Moulton ANC 6E02

Image courtesy Martin Moulton

First, I’d like to thank TheHillisHome.com for your fine work and providing a forum for citizens to learn more about and compare candidates for the upcoming Nov 6 Election.

This election is not only important for those voting for top-of-the-ballot candidates, but because residents should be wise in their selection of the elected officials that have the greatest influence on their daily quality of life issues. Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners serve, ideally, as the primary liaison between residents in their respective single member districts and other elected government officials and government agencies.

If trash isn’t being picked up properly on your block, your first message should go to the District’s 311 or 311 Online services. If you encounter nuisance or violent crime anywhere in the District of Columbia — near your home or business or at a local park for example — your first call should go to the 911 emergency number for MPD and its partners to handle.

If you feel your concerns are not properly handled by those services, you should contact your Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners to intercede. If you have questions about development or other activity in your neighborhood, your ANC should be responsive to you within a reasonable period of time and, in this day and age, directly available to residents by telephone and/or the internet in addition to public meetings.

I’m running as a candidate for the ANC6E position in response to many of my neighbors in the Shaw community who are eager for the responsive, engaged and effective service that other communities have grown to expect and rely on from their ANCs. Many years ago, I graduated from Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire on the Connecticut River; “It’s a small college, but there are those who love it” is a popular motto of the school — founded originally to enhance the lives of rural Native Americans. Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners do a lot of small thankless work in their communities, but there are many residents of the District of Columbia who, like myself, appreciate the opportunities and good fortune that our great Nation, its leaders and activists have given us, and see ANC roles as opportunities to give back and serve our communities. And we love the hard work involved in serving others — whether they be our peers or the less fortunate.

Earlier today, I was speaking to one of my former tutoring students, now at the KIPP PCS in Shaw, who while at the former Scott Montgomery DCPS, earned the second place award in a spelling bee among students from across the District — and some from much wealthier communities. (A female student in his same class earned the First Place Prize.) Supporting our students and schools simply puts a smile on my face; there are many brilliant students and hard working teachers that deserve support from their larger communities.

I’m a techie and an avid cyclist and swimmer. Outside of work, I use my tech experience to support a few small non-profit orgs across the District. My passion for cycling led me to join the Board of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA.org). I’ve worked with leaders of local community gardens (CityBlossoms.org and Common Good City Farm) because — as a native Californian and with a father from Costa Rica — my family has always taken for granted having delicious, fresh, practically free, local produce and I reckon many urban residents want similar opportunties to have abundant healthy low-cost food to serve their families. I appreciate our new DC Council Chairman’s leadership on self determination for the District of Columbia [ http://philmendelson.com/2012/2012/09/20/cbc2012/ ], and I did my own small part in support of this effort when I was arrested along with our Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells, in the #DC41 protest, on April 11, 2011.

I’d appreciate the honor to serve if my neighbors elect me.


Martin Moulton
@ShawingtonTimes on Twitter
More here: http://twitdoc.com/1FID
(202) 422-1161

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One response to “Meet the Candidates: Martin Moulton, ANC 6E02”

  1. I regularly volunteer with City blossoms at their Marian St Garden, and Martin came by a week or two ago, and he seemed very nice. I don’t know who the other candidate is, but I know that they haven’t come by the garden.

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