18 Oct 2012

Meet the Candidates: Grace Daughtridge, ANC 6D05

We have offered to post brief statements from all of the ANC candidates running for seats on Capitol Hill and the surrounding neighborhoods that we cover here on The Hill is Home.  These statements are not endorsements and have been posted exactly as submitted by the candidates.

Grace E. Daughtridge graduated from American University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration double majoring in Finance and International Business. Grace E. is a native Washingtonian, S.W. resident, and an owner and manager of a small business, home improvement contractor, Grace E. L.L.C., which has been in business and registered with the Department of Regulatory Consumer Affairs (DCRA) since 2004. She is currently serving as the elected 2012 Secretary of the First District Citizens Advisory Council for the Metropolitan Police Department (1D CAC MPD).

Grace E. has been active in preventing crime in her SW neighborhood by not only preventing thieves from stealing rims and tires from a vehicle but also alerted the police and neighbors when she found their bicycles were again being stolen from their back yard. She coordinated efforts by SW residents with Lieutenant Gallucci reporting names, tag numbers, dates and times, and photos of tour buses violating traffic laws in SW’s neighborhoods.

Daughtridge believes active community involvement in prevention of crime and coordinating efforts with the police are essential to urban crime prevention and public safety.

Grace E. successfully reestablished SW’s historic tree, the Japanese Elm on G Street 20024, Washington DC’s 11th largest tree, ensuring its care and maintenance by the Urban Forestry Administration. She served as the community project organizer for the 2008 Casey Trees Planting at Carrollsburg Square planting 28 new trees along M Street, Fourth Street, N street, and Delaware Ave SW.

Daughtridge has appealed the DC Zoning Commission’s approval decision for the St. Mathews development in an effort to secure care and maintenance equal if not better than that which is afforded street trees by DDOT, UFA, and DC Government Tree Construction Guidelines. These large willow oaks were saved during the SW’s 1960’s Urban Renewal and border the property lines. Efforts are not only to try to prevent the demise of trees saved more than 50 years ago but also to prevent adverse fiduciary and monetary results for property owners if the trees die.

Grace E. was elected and served as the South West Neighborhood Assembly (SWNA) First District Representative where she initiated the SWNA Employment Task force to promote hiring of residents in new developments.

Special attention warranted to not only updating and maintaining of the existing SW’s infrastructure such as the schools Amideon/Bowen and Jefferson, sidewalks and streets, parks and recreation, street trees, but to help ensure sewer and water and electric utilities are better able to accommodate new high density developments.

Grace E. Daughtridge states that Washington D.C. residents should not be banned from obtaining on street parking in neighborhoods they reside. Creating second class citizens is not acceptable in the Nation’s Capitol, Washington D.C., of the United States of America.

Vote November 6th 2012 and elect Grace E. Daughtridge for 6D05 ANC Commissioner who is dedicated to improving public safety, supports the Metropolitan Police Department, and is endorsed by former 6D05 ANC Commissioner Ms. Loretta Reeves.


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