02 Mar 2012

Anti-Bullying Efforts on the Hill

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In the wake of the deadly school shooting in Chardon, Ohio earlier this week, Coach Rita Floyd, owner and co-founder of Capitol Hill Martial Arts & Fitness Academy has written the below post.


It doesn’t have to go this way. No one should feel so cornered and victimized by bullying that shooting seems the only way out.

Here at MAFA, we share the grief and shock of the community in northern Ohio that is still reeling from the school shooting on February 27th. One of the most disturbing aspects of the story is the shooter may have been a victim of bullying, who “fought back” in the only way he knew how. There are other ways, but no one, it seems, was there to help him learn them.

This breaks our hearts. But more importantly, that heartbreak quickly strengthens our resolve and commitment to be part of the solution here in our own DC neighborhoods, to help our kids become fit, confident and empowered. We call it “Bully-proof.”

At MAFA, we help kids learn: how to defend themselves, how to take back control of their personal safety, and how to resolve conflict non-violently. MAFA kids’ programs not only teach self-defense, they help kids develop good self-esteem, self-respect, respect for others, increased confidence, leadership skills, and more. And kids get fit, start eating better, and become healthier in the process!

Who doesn’t want that for their kids? No one we know. Parents of MAFA kids often report their children’s grades improve, their overall outlook on life is happier and healthier, and they begin to make and keep friends more easily than before.

It’s not about learning to fight so much as about learning to live more freely, less fearfully, more confidently, and with a strong sense of personal pride and capability.

MAFA, located at 1443 D St SE, is the nation’s first and only Martial Arts and Fitness Academy by and for women and children.

To learn more about how MAFA is leading the way in the anti-bullying movement on the Hill, you can visit MAFA’s website, “How Parents in Capitol Hill Are Preparing to Bully Proof Their Children in 2012”  or call 202-455-4662.  You can also check out “Martial Arts For Kids: Just The FAQs” for information or send Coach Floyd an email.

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