29 Aug 2011

Barracks Row Welcomes New Pet Shop

Metro MuttsMetro Mutts, which opened at 508 H St, NE in 2009, announced today that it is opening its second location on Barracks Row.  Metro Mutts is buying Pawticulars and, after a few renovations, anticipates opening in the space at 407 8th St, SE on October 1st.

Owners Lee and Kelly Hartshorn and Anna Lappas-Collins are Capitol Hill residents and longtime friends. They partnered to open the H Street Metro Mutts in order to provide a neighborhood option for residents in Northeast to buy high quality pet supplies.  The store opened around the same time as it was discovered some pet foods from China were contaminated.  The store initially built its reputation on offering foods from vendors known for using only top quality ingredients.  Since then, they have expanded to offer pet-sitting, dog-walking, and they host regular events for pets and their owners.  The Barracks Row location will follow the same philosophy of selling top quality foods and supplies, along with dog-walking and pet-sitting. They also anticipate being able to offer the same personalized service by having an owner at each location.

Since it first opened, Metro Mutts and Pawticulars have had a cooperative relationship so, according to co-owner Lee Hartshorn, “this seemed like a very natural progression for us both.”  Pawticulars owner Jennifer Zatkowski echoed Hartshorn’s sentiments:  “After opening the store eight years ago, I found it difficult to devote my time to both the store and my family.  I am pleased and excited that Metro Mutts is moving into the space and am confident they will provide local customers the same attention and care they’ve come to expect.”

This is the second retail store to announce a location on Barracks Row this summer, after we heard about JoS. A. Bank coming to the old Blockbuster space.


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2 responses to “Barracks Row Welcomes New Pet Shop”

  1. Kathleen Donahue says:

    That’s terrific. Can’t wait to have you in the closer-by hood. 🙂

  2. Kathleen Donahue says:

    That’s terrific. Can’t wait to have you in the closer-by hood. 🙂

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