06 Jun 2011

Hill East to Stay in Ward 6

A day before the first City Council vote on the proposed redistricting map that was released on May 26th, the lines have been redrawn again and it now looks like Hill East will stay in Ward 6.  According to WTOP and Housing Complex (and a tweet from Councilmember Yvette Alexander), Reservation 13 and the DC Jail will become part of Ward 7, but the rest of Hill East, including Congressional Cemetery, will stay in Ward 6.  No word yet on Kingman Park.

We will bring you updates soon as the new map and more information is released.

UPDATE (3:30 pm) Washington City Paper just posted this map, which appears to show that Kingman Park will stay in Ward 7.  CHAMPS also tweeted this map (PDF) of the new Ward 6 lines.



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One response to “Hill East to Stay in Ward 6”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Residents in Hill East, Rosedale and the Chimney will remain in Ward 6, a draft note confirmed. The votes have been counted and the measure is expected by Wells’ office to pass.
    Tommy Wells later told me, ““As you know, I started with the position that I didn’t want to lose any portion of Ward 6 during redistricting. And with the great advocacy and activism of our Ward 6 neighbors, we were able to accomplish that goal for the most part.”

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