01 Apr 2011

Who Takes the Cake? The Hill's Best Desserts

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No offense dinner, but sometimes you are merely just a formality before dessert.

I love sugar. This is mostly attributed (although not scientifically) to the cake decorating class my mother took while pregnant with me, thereby ensuring that the desire for frosting would be forever sealed into my DNA. Here at The Hill is Home we had a lively exchange about our go-to place for a sugary treat on the Hill. So, where do you go when you can’t keep your sweet tooth at bay? Some of our favorites below.

There’s no denying the mini doughnuts at Matchbox are delicious. While it,s nearly impossible to down a few beers and pizza and still have room for dessert, these are worth a solo trip. Bite sized and covered in a cinnamon sugar coating, you won’t be sorry.

Isn’t pie the new cupcake? Dangerously Delicious doesn’t disappoint, whether you’re a fan of the traditional or more “dangerous” flavors. The strawberry rhubarb simply cannot be beat.

After I told a friend she could no longer pay me for babysitting (the baby is so cute it somehow seemed criminal) she showed up with a box of strawberry pop tarts from Ted’s Bulletin as payment. The tarts are second only to one of Ted’s other dessert items, the milkshake, which come in a variety of flavors, including “adult” options.

The milkshakes at Good Stuff Eatery are also quite good, the toasted marshmallow seems to be a fan favorite.

The Belgian waffle at Le Pain Quotidien is on another level. It was recommended to me by several people so I went with high expectations, which were met. It doesn’t even need syrup and while served at breakfast, it just feels like more of a dessert item to me.

Park Café has a fabulous chocolate mousse (as fellow THIH’er Maria pointed out!) A good mousse is hard to find, and even the bad ones aren’t a common menu item so its definitely worth trying.

What the Hill is lacking is a good candy bar (thanks to Nichole for pinpointing what I’ve been missing all these years!) Any takers looking to open up a store? You’ve got some customers in waiting.


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9 responses to “Who Takes the Cake? The Hill's Best Desserts”

  1. Peach Pie says:

    And let’s not forget the dessert places slated to arrive on the Hill: Pitango Gelato, Hello Cupcake, and the Sweet Lobby!

  2. Sarah DC says:

    Pitango?! When and where??

  3. MC says:

    What it’s really missing is a real patisserie with a decent pain au chocolat. Quotidien’s are no good.

    We also need a Gifford’s if the wholesaler ever allows a shop to open again.

    Zest’s brownie sundae dessert with hot fudge is the best on the Hill.

  4. b says:

    Pitango is good, but it makes even Dolcezza seem cheap.

  5. gina a says:

    I love the nutella calzone at 7th hill-but it’s way too much for one person. Perfect for sharing!

  6. Jon Penndorf says:

    Try the pain au chocolat at the Bakery that comes to Eastern Market on the weekends. It’s very good.

  7. Robbie C says:

    I am into SweetGreen …. frosty cold, unique flavor, and choice of THREE (3) count ’em, toppings! OK, OK, it’s not chocolate (A food group for teachers, by the way), but still yummy::: YOGURT at SweetGreen

  8. Kate McFadden says:

    Not your typical treat, but Cafe 8 has great rice pudding – with just the right amount of cinnamon.

    Does anyone know where you can get bread pudding or a decent flan?

  9. Maria Helena Carey Maria Helena Carey says:

    @SarahDC: Pitango will (hopefully) open soon where DC Greenworks used to be, next door to Peregrine Espresso.

    The P&C pains au chocolat are awesome– if you can get one. And I know people LOVE to badmouth the bakery at Eastern Market, but their bread pudding is really good.

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