02 Mar 2011

Things We Take For Granted: Joy of Motion Dance Center

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I’m not one to enjoy time spent in a gym, but I was desperate for an organized activity that would help me shed some unwanted pounds, so I looked for a fitness class that was close to home and found the perfect one at Joy of Motion Dance Center. The location of the studio is ideal, it is a five-minute walk from my home, and the course offerings are perfect for everyone, whether you are interested in cardio or introductory dance classes

My current class of choice is Zumba– a high-impact dance workout that feels as fun as a turn or two on the dance floor at your best friend’s wedding, with enough stretches and choreographed moves to make you feel the burn and torch a few hundred calories.

On any given Monday there are nearly 20 people of all shapes and sizes, ages and fitness levels packed into the tight studio space, music blaring from the instructor’s iPod. Next to me is Claude, a 64-year-old who works for Step Afrika! and one of two men who are class regulars. Claude has some great moves on the Zumba dance floor, but he quickly lets me know that he isn’t a dancer, though he loves the workout.

Also at the center is Aisha, a young professional who works on the Hill and enjoys the aerobic workout, but also likes that Zumba helps her forget about the bad day she just had.

For me, Joy of Motion is an excellent alternative to the gym, and the five pounds I’ve lost since I started in January sure do make me want to keep going back for more!

Classes—for both adults and children—are offered at three locations, including Capitol Hill, Bethesda and Friendship Heights. Zumba is a part of the Move Program, which is designed to provide the best of dance and fitness together. To learn more about Zumba or to check out the center’s other offerings, visit www.joyofmotion.org.

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