02 Feb 2011

Tonight: Hine Jr. High School Redevelopment Project Meeting

old site of Hine School, originally uploaded to Flickr by Bill

originally uploaded to Flickr by Bill on Capitol Hill

Wondering what’s up with those grand plans to redevelop the Hine School?  Yes, they are still in the works but with a few changes…Come find out more tonight at 7pm at the Brent School, located at 301 North Carolina Avenue SE.  (Why are these meetings never held in the Hine School’s auditorium?)

Stanton-EastBanc will give a presentation and update on their plans, including their expected completion date (2015).  There will be time for questions of the development team by both the 6B Commissioners (hosts of the briefing) and the community.

The original project plans that the team put forward can be viewed at http://hineschool.com/.  

Wednesday, February 2, 2011
7 – 9 PM
Brent School, 301 North Carolina Ave SE


Hine site redevelopment plans
* presentation by Stanton EastBanc development team
* questions from Commissioners
* questions from the community


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5 responses to “Tonight: Hine Jr. High School Redevelopment Project Meeting”

  1. JPKaly says:

    I was at this meeting last night and was extremely disappointed with the proposed plan for the Hine Jr. High School block. I thought, or maybe was more hoping, that this was going to transform the area into an open landscape that would increase the functionality of the market. However, I was informed that the block was going to be primarily residential and office buildings. My biggest gripes are these: 1) They are reducing the area that vendors will be able to setup during the weekends 2) They are seriously considering putting in a hotel! 3) This project is more about making money than extending the feeling of Capitol Hill being a serene residential area.

  2. Tim Krepp Tim Krepp says:


    This has been the plan all along. Go back through the archives (of this and other blogs), and you will see that this has always been planned for residential and office buildings. We’ve all been informed for some time now, and there were a great deal of public meetings on this topic.

  3. To put in a little perspective, the city requested that all developers putting in RFPs for this project include a mix of residential, retail and office. The reasoning for the office space is because there is a need for more day-time shoppers in the neighborhood to support the existing and future retailers. While we are a residential community, we do have (and have always had) commercial corridors that need to be supported by outside visitors.

    Here is an archive of our articles about the project, including the other groups that submitted proposals. http://www.thehillishome.com/tag/hine-school/

  4. Lola says:

    I would love a hotel to open in the Hine Jr High location. We are sorely lacking overnight accomodations in our neighborhood and I would welcome the opportunity to have guests stay within walking distance.

  5. b says:

    the boutique hotel was the best component of one of the competing bidders — glad to hear it’s back on the table.

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