26 Jan 2011


Second Bite: Argonaut is Back

Photo by Jason Sanders

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad the Argonaut’s kitchen is back. My taste-buds have really been missing their delicious sweet potato fries being chased down by a delicious Booty Beer. When I received the email about their soft opening, I’m pretty sure I felt my taste-buds open a bottle of bubbly in anticipation of a great celebration. Their love affair with pub fair goodness was about to be rekindled.

With my first visit to the Argonaut since the reopening, I was a little worried that when I opened the menu, it was going to have a lot of new items and the old favorites would be a thing of the past. I had no reason to worry, the menu still has their old classics: the Argo Burger, fish and chips, shrimp and grits, and of course the sweet potato fries. Some of the old classics have had a slight make over if you choose, for example the fish taco can also be transformed into a burrito with either fish or temp-eh. The menu also features a few new dishes- a steamer basket of shrimp or snow crab-legs and Gospel Fried Chicken. On both of my recent visits, I’ve gone classic but look forward to trying something new in the future.

On my first visit, my mouth decided it wanted to be reunited with the Argo Burger and I bet you can guess, the sweet potato fries. I also though for the occasion I’d live it up with some Gorgonzola cheese and bacon on my burger. I like my burgers medium rare, and it arrived cooked to perfection. I asked for some steak sauce to douse it, but instead the kitchen made me a lovely mushroom sauce to top it off with. It was delicious. The fries were crispy on the outside, and yummy on the inside. They were better than I remembered. I chased it down with my/their trademark dark and stormy, which for months at their Wednesday pub quiz I’ve been drinking in plastic cups, and it tasted amazing in a real glass.

A few nights later, after a day of entertaining the little ones, we were to exhausted to make dinner and were ecstatic to say “Let’s go to the Argonaut!” Ally, who has been missing their mac and cheese for months squealed with joy. We headed over, and I decided to try something different. Ally went for the kids mac and cheese, of which the Argonaut now offers a gluten free version, and Jack went for chicken tenders. I chose to try the Beer Battered Cod with fries. I was also happy with this choice. This particular evening, I decided to look through their new extensive beer menu and chose a pumpkin ale. The pumpkin ale was full of spice and everything nice. Also served in a lovely glass glass.

Though the inside of the Argonaut has changed slightly with the relocation of the bar, as you walk inside you are still enveloped in familiarity. I for one on both visits was reassured as I saw Scott and Shaaren sitting in their booth by the kitchen, and was reassured a second time as I chowed down on their delicious pub fare. The Argonaut is back, and in my opinion, better than ever.

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4 responses to “Second Bite: Argonaut is Back”

  1. Heather says:

    Whoo hooo, Trivia Night! And nice drop-in on the GF mac n cheese! : )

  2. Katie says:

    Oh how I miss the Argo! Have a dark and stormy for me!!!

  3. Kevin says:

    Argo is the best spot in DC, gotta love it!!

  4. IMGoph says:

    why is tempeh hyphenated?

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