23 Oct 2010

CaBi Coming to NE Corner of Lincoln Park, Possibly as Soon as Monday

Image Courtesy of Capital Bikeshare

DDOT sent out an email yesterday informing residents that they’ve opted to install the hotly-disputed Capital Bikeshare station on the Northeast Triangle at Lincoln Park (13th, North Carolina and East Capitol NE).

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, this location has been one of the most contentious in the early roll out of CaBi. (THIH’s recap of last Monday’s ANC 6A Transportation and Public Space Committee meeting can be found here; TBD’s awesome coverage of the shoving and crying portion of the proceedings can be found here.)

The full text of the email sent out to residents and stakeholders can be found after the jump.

Dear Stakeholders,

First I want to thank everyone for participating in the discussion on the Capital Bikeshare location at Lincoln Park and sharing rich insight and information. It was very helpful in informing decision-making. DDOT has seriously and carefully considered all the points made and assessed possible locations in the park area and have concluded that we will proceed with installation of a CaBi station on the traffic island on the NE corner of Lincoln Park.

The installation will occur as early as Monday (weather permitting). We will monitor and evaluate the station after it is installed. As previously stated, the system is completely portable and will be moved or relocated if the evaluation demonstrates problems with this location. We will make all information available to you.

We are continuing our dialogue with the National Park Service to site stations in Lincoln Park and other NPS properties throughout the District.

We do appreciate the time all of you have taken to inform this decision and participate in this process.

Thank you,

Karina Ricks | Associate Director |
Transportation Policy & Planning Administration | District Department of Transportation |

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11 responses to “CaBi Coming to NE Corner of Lincoln Park, Possibly as Soon as Monday”

  1. Mark says:

    Hoorah! I just used a Cabi today to go vote. I used one yesterday to go from my office to an appointment with my optometrist downtown. Tonight I’ll take one to RFK for DC United and Jaime Moreno’s last game.

    They’re addictive, try it!

  2. Trulee Pist says:

    Take the bike share to vote for Brian Pate, your pro-CaBi candidate for ANC6B-05.

    In my opinion, Brian Pate’s opponent shares the blame for the “shoving and crying” over this, I really do.

    When people go behind closed doors and pull strings to “get things done,” that makes people feel powerless and angry. Brian Pate’s opponent in this race, the current ANC Commissioner, did not even deign to show up at the public meeting held by ANC6A on this issue. That current ANC Commissioner would not even admit that he’s the one who privately told DDOT the neighbors don’t want CaBi in any residential areas whatsoever. The only reason we now know who dunnit is because an ANC6A commissioner told us ANC Vice Chair Ken Jarboe dunnit.


    Brian Pate, on the other hand, did show up, and offered a compromise to discuss in public. That’s how neighborhood issues should be handled by neighborhood leaders.


    When elected officials operate in the sunshine, people know what’s up and which elected officials should be held accountable when mistakes are made (* cough “Town Square” cough *). ANC6B, try a little transparency! It leads to polite, reasoned discussion among neighbors.

    Ride Brian Pate to a new, better, more transparent and inclusive ANC6B.

  3. Tanya says:

    Yay! I’ve been looking forward to this!

  4. So, how come the campaign manager for “liveable, walkable” Tommy Wells is behind closed doors working to keep CaBi out of Lincoln Park? Sounds like yet another example of how out of touch elected officials get when they’re not challenged for years!

    Good for Brian Pate for standing up against “drive-able, park-able” Ken Jarboe.

    I’m ready for a new ANC that’s in touch with today’s Capitol Hill. I’m voting for Brian Pate.


  5. sebastian says:

    It is interesting that Tommy Wells stayed so quiet about this issue. He is usually at the front of the ribbon cutting rah rah line, on bike and walking issues. I’m really impressed that DDOT made the most logical decision about this matter.

  6. Trulee – Ken Jarboe was at the ANC 6A transportation cmte mtg about CaBi last Monday.

  7. Brian Pate says:

    Yes, Trulee. While I appreciate the vociferous endorsement, Ken was at the ANC 6A sub-committee meeting. He sat next to me and we had a nice conversation.

  8. Steve says:

    In Trulee’s opinion, Brian’s opponent shares the blame for global climate change, the sub-prime mortgage crisis, and the Expos leaving Montreal, he really does. The behavior of two grown men caught up in the emotion of the moment has very little to do with the “pushing and shoving.”

  9. Ken Jarboe says:

    Brian — thank you for correcting the record. I appreciate your comment. Let me make one other correction. Contrary to the erroneous statements made above, I have always supported a bikeshare facility at Lincoln Park. My preferred site is in the Park itself. I hope that DDOT will continue to vigorous pursue the option they discussed at the meeting about designating the bikesharing as a public transit option — thereby cutting through the bureaucratic problems.

    What I objected to was the placement of that facility at a location with major safety concern – specifically the traffic island at East Capitol and 13th Street SE. At the ANC 6A meeting, DDOT acknowledged that this SE site raised safety concern. We face serious pedestrian and bicycle safety issues around Lincoln Park. Last night, a girl on a bicycle was stuck by a car on East Capitol Street of the Park. Fortunately, she is ok. But this could have been a tragic illustration of our fears. Pedestrian and bicycle safety is a key element of a livable, walkable neighborhood. I will not compromise in my fight to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety.

  10. Jon says:

    Your diligence on this issue has been appreciated. While the traffic island location in ne appears to be a bit safer than the se location I agree a long-term location in the park is preferred.


  11. Mark says:

    Taking a Cabi ride today I noticed some lane markers down around Lincoln Park, is a bike lane coming? It kind of looked like it from the spray painted marks.

    Lots of people checking out bikes from our Potomac Ave station this weekend…no bikes were left yesterday around 6:30pm…had to go to the station at Safeway. After the DC United game there were no bikes left at the 19th and East Cap station.

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