18 Jun 2010

DC WASA is now DC Water

The new DC Water logo

On Tuesday, The District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (DC WASA) became DC Water as part of a rebranding campaign after 14 years as DC WASA.

“It’s time to re-introduce ourselves to our customers,” said DC Water General Manager George S. Hawkins. “We’re rolling out new and exciting initiatives to provide excellent drinking water, and to protect the environment and human health. A new look and a new name physically reflect the changes that we are making—and signal a new era.”

General Manager Hawkins sat down with area bloggers last night for a roundtable to further discuss the announcement and the changes we can expect to see with the rebrand. The timing seems perfect, as the trend to move back into cities from the ‘burbs seems to be taking over some of the major cities in our country, which a few decades ago were abandoned for McMansions and strip malls. The issue when everyone jumped ship is crumbling infrastructures.

Case in point: Pipes in the system are meant to last about 60 years. But as Hawkins pointed out, 20 percent of the pipes in Washington, DC precede the turn of the century, 3 percent pre-date 1860, and the pipe underneath Pennsylvania Avenue (yup, the one bringing water to the Prez) dates to 1859. I’d say it’s time for some upgrades.

Of course, the subject of lead in the water was brought up. And I think Hawkins explained it quite well. Take a peek.
“The only good lead is no lead.”

Hawkins stated they are confident the water going through the system meets standards, and the issue now becomes the pipes in older buildings. There are certainly ways to combat this (without replacing old pipes) and DC Water’s mission is to continue educating citizens. But we drank water straight from the tap last night and I’m still standing…

This is an exciting change and brings the organization tasked with keeping one of our most vital resources safe into the 21st century. Keep an eye out for Wendy the Water Drop. She’ll be popping up around the city from time to time.

The new DC Water can be found online at http://dcwater.com/.


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One response to “DC WASA is now DC Water”

  1. The logo for DC Water looks like a blue FLAME, not a water drop. A water drop needs to DROP on a liquid or a solid.

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