25 Mar 2010

Why I Want to Work at Frager’s

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When my husband and I first moved to our home on G Street our neighbor asked us what we had planned for the house, which needed a good amount of work. We rattled off a laundry list of things we planned to address —for the record only a few items have actually been checked off of that list—and he replied with a single word: Frager’s.

Frager’s is Capitol Hill’s neighborhood hardware store, which has occupied space on the 1100 block of Pennsylvania Ave SE since 1920, and it’s the kind of institution where one might go to pick up a gallon of paint, rent a popcorn machine, buy flowers or spot local politicians or national media correspondents.

And while I love to spend hours picking out paint samples and wandering the store’s narrow aisles, what brings me back to Frager’s week after week are the knowledgeable and friendly employees and the endless supply of things I didn’t even know I would need. It is my fascination with Frager’s that makes me want to spend a morning as a “guest” employee at the store, and I will do just that tomorrow, when I will shadow cashiers, walk the aisles with employees answering questions and maybe even mix a gallon or two of paint.

Look for part two of “Why I Want to Work at Frager’s” next week.

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4 responses to “Why I Want to Work at Frager’s”

  1. V8 says:

    I absolutely love Fragers. I am making an adventure there this weekend. Hopefully I can cross this house task off my to-do list.

  2. Dr. Blondie says:

    I love Frager’s, too. I often tell my husband that I want to get a part-time job there!

  3. I had a great time in Feb. while standing in line to pick up snow shovels in anticipation of the blizzard…

  4. ET says:

    Frager’s rocks.

    Wish my dad was still alive so when he visits D.C. we can go together. Visits to the hardware store with my dad are fond memories.

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